Rally Summary

Rally to Stop Unlawful Funding of Public Education in Texas October 22, 2012:


  1. Ron Avery, Ed Brannum and I handed out two hundred fliers (100 each of two fliers #3, #8) at the Travis County Courthouse in Austin, Texas;
  2. Ron Avery was interviewed by Patrick Michels of the Texas Observer;
  3. Ron Avery was interviewed by Jade Mingus and photojournalist Michael Moore of KVUE TV in Austin, Texas;
  4. Ron Avery was interviewed by KAKW & KTFO Austin, Texas Univision;
  5. I gave extensive verbal information in my interviews complete with citation to specific Constitutional provisions, statutes and laws proving that ad valorem property tax cannot be used to support public education in Texas and you can see what resulted.
  6. Mark Anderson, roving editor of the national magazine, American Free Press, came by and got an interview as well, which he will use on the AFP website;
  7. Ron And Ed later joined Mark Anderson in Studio B When Worlds Collide show at Republic Broadcasting Network in Round Rock, Texas, to review the events of the day at our Rally to Stop Unlawful Funding of Public Education. He was late however and suggested that Ron Avery not only be his guest but his guest host until he got to the studio.
  8. This trial will go on for months and result in a Supreme Court Opinion in 2014 that will not and cannot make ad valorem property taxes in support of public education lawful in Texas. They will merely continue the crime against the people and their property.
  9. When I noticed that Jade Mingus at KVUE TV in Austin did not post any of my interview on their website I left them a large message on their comments section under the same story they posted they took it down with in 8 hours:

“I was there at the Travis County Courthouse yesterday handing out fliers complaining that 44 years of unconstitutional ad valorem property tax in support of public education is enough! Art 8 Sec 1-e forbids Texas to levy ad valorem property taxes on any property in Texas. Public Education is a State function, not a School District function, under the Texas Constitution Art 7 Sec 1 and the Texas Education Code Section 42.001(a) says that public education is a state responsibility and should be "substantially" paid for by state funds (that means no ad valorem property taxes). The Texas Civil Practice and Remedy Code (TCPRC) Section 101.001(3)(A)(B) says that a school district is a subdivision of the State of Texas and that it is the State of Texas. So how can a state subdivision, which is the State of Texas, have more power than the State of Texas?



Ron Avery interview by Patrick at Texas Observer

Texas Observer Interview


Art 7 Sec 3(e) says that the Texas Legislature may authorize the School Districts to impose an ad valorem property tax on local property if approved by local voters. How can the Texas Legislature, forbidden to impose ad valorem property tax to perform its functions, authorize its subdivisions to do what it is forbidden to do in order to perform a state function?

If all the people of Texas have abolished ad valorem property taxes in Texas, how can local people authorize local ad valorem property taxes? None of that works and shows gross ignorance of the law of delegated authority which says "no one can delegate to another more authority than they hold in themselves." This whole lawsuit is a scam and will result in more unlawful taxation.

On top of this outrage is the fact that the courts are closed to citizens suing the State of Texas. Citizens are denied their constitutional rights to challenge unconstitutional ad valorem property taxes because of a bogus judicial rule of precedent called the "unique injury rule" which says a person cannot sue the state unless they have a unique injury separate from all their other peers. But unlawful taxation injures all citizens the same so the citizen is thrown out of court without trial. At the same time the Texas courts grant life and breath to Texas subdivisions to sue the state for violation of constitutional rights the school districts do not have. School districts only have duties not constitutional rights.

The whole thing is a total bank scam. There should be no debt at all to operate public education and Art 8 Sec 1(a) requires all taxation in Texas to be equal and uniform and property taxes cannot be equal and uniform by their very nature. All public education should be paid for with a statewide sales tax and each student allocated the same amount of money. So instead of having debt free public education we have $106.8 billion of debt and we no longer own our property but must rent it from the state. This results from a bad education. So join the movement to Stop Unlawful Public Education In Texas. Search those terms and join up!


Thanks for doing an interview of me in front of the Travis County Courthouse. It's too bad that the people cannot sue the state to be heard and it is too bad that the news will not show what the people want and know. We only hear what government and banks want. But thanks for the interview. You did not have to interview me as you were sent on a mission which did not include the people just the government. Good luck to you. I hope to see you and your camera man again soon in the street, the only place left for the people.”


  1. Because KVUE shares their comment submissions with Facebook it duplicated the same comments above on my Facebook page just go to www.Facebook.com/ronald.avery and read them on line with comments from friends.
  2. This just is more evidence that we do not have a free press in Texas. It is owned by the same bankers that own our government and they will not report on anything that implicates them and what they have been doing to us.
  3. Individual citizens can’t sue the state challenging an unconstitutional ad valorem property tax because they can’t show a “unique injury” separate from all their fellow citizens and the media will not report on our complaints in the street in front of the courthouse where the state is suing the state for more money from the citizens taken by an unconstitutional means. The legislature is useless because state ad valorem property taxes in support of state public education are already unconstitutional and the courts won’t enforce the present law. What does that leave the citizen? NO OPTIONS!
  4. After I wrote Jade an email complaining of what happened to my comments on their website blog I received an email from Rebekah:


“Hey Jade,

What happened to the comment section of the article you posted on the KVUE TV Austin website opening day of the School Finance lawsuit on 10/22/12?

It looks like the webmaster has disabled and removed the entire comment blog from that page. I guess the comments I loaded up there informed the people too much about what is really going on in school finance litigation. But at least you and Michael know now. Maybe one day you can actually cover the news instead of help create propaganda so banks and government can continue to unlawfully hold the property of the people and coerce them into borrowing money to fund public education that the state should fund without debt. All of my comments were uploaded to my Facebook page when I hit the comment button on the KVUE website and may be seen at www.Facebook.com/ronald.avery  


Ron Avery”


“Mr. Avery,

No one has turned off the comment section of any story on KVUE.com. Our comments appear on stories via a Facebook plug-in. The only reason I can think of that you may not be seeing them there is if you weren’t logged into Facebook at the same time you were looking at that story? That might cause your plug-in to not show up.

Other than that, I’m not sure what the problem could be. It may be a technical problem beyond our control.

We value our viewers comments and thank you for reading KVUE.com and participating in the discussion about Jade’s story. You’re always welcome to leave comments on our Facebook page, The KVUE Insider, as well.




“Thank you Rebekah,

I am wanting so much to find honest news coverage and I will be quick to retract any statements that are not accurate about what has happened to my comments on your web page. I must have been logged into your website properly at the time because my Facebook picture was on your website next to the comments I wrote in directly to the box provided. When I hit the comment button at the bottom it also showed the two comments at the bottom of the story Jade provided and when I went to my Facebook page the same comments appeared there. I was also impressed to find that the comments I received on Facebook as a result went were not only on Facebook but on your webpage when I revisited. Then several hours later I went to the webpage that Jade had submitted and I had commented on and could not find my comments or even a place to leave comments. The comment section has been removed from the page entirely along with my comments and replies to them. I was led to believe that this has been removed on purpose. Would love to learn better and retract any false statements.

Would you please look into the situation and you can do so by going to the links provided. On my Facebook link you will find one comment on the left and one in the middle put there the instant I hit the comment button on your webpage. You can also see by clicking on the "article you posted" link below to see the KVUE webpage I commented upon. I think you will be surprised at what you find there. Please let me know what you find.


Ron Avery”


  1. Then I went back to the KVUE web site several hours later and found my comments back up on their web page and I posted the following comment on the same page:


Thank you Jade and Rebekah Hood,
for putting my comments below back up on this web page of your web site covering the commencement of the latest public school financing litigation. It restores a bit of my hope in "mainstream news." Maybe one day news teams will return to actually covering all the news at an event instead of merely propagating the public opinion they want the people to have. Thanks again for providing this forum to help me get the truth out about unlawful public education funding and the scam the Texas Judicial system is presently running with state subdivisions (school districts), the state and private bankers. The private citizen of Texas has no seat at the table of this latest lawsuit and has not had one in 44 years. Thanks again very much! Keep up the good work! I would sure like to see my interview you did of me on KVUE TV and/or your website. Ask and ye shall receive, right?
Sincerely Yours



Mr. Castro at Univision interviewing Ron Avery

Univision Interview