8:00 PM Monday September 24, 2012

Ron Avery

 will be a guest on the

Mark Anderson

of American Free Press (Washington, D.C.)

“When Worlds Collide”

Radio Show on



Listen to interview in archive here: First hour and Second hour.


Just go to www.RepublicBroadcasting.org at 8:00 PM, look on the right hand column under STUDIO B and click on Listen Live ONLINE! You can call in at 877-488-5350



A Rally Protesting Unlawful Funding of State Public Education in Texas on Monday 10/22/12:

  1. The 44 year unlawful use of local State School District imposed ad valorem property taxes to fund State Public Education in the State of Texas forbidden under Article 8 Section 1-e of the Texas Constitution.
  2. The Closure of the Texas Judicial System to Citizens (violating Art. 1 Sec. 13) in order to block a lawful constitutional solution to the present unlawful, unequal, inefficient means of funding public school in Texas.
  3. The repetitious, ludicrous, and contradictory Texas Supreme Court Opinions over a 35 year span resulting in unachievable mandates i.e., give all students an equal education with unequal funding.
  4. The Rally Details which can also be found at www.SueIT.org then click on Details of Rally on the Right Hand Menu.