Public School Funding Unlawful Again....DUH!

By Ron Avery

On February 4, 2013, three days after your annual State Rent was due, Texas 250th District Judge John Dietz in Travis County found your property taxes in support of public education are unconstitutional again in violation of Article 8 §1-e. Read five page ruling at

Judge Dietz also found the school finance system to violate Article 7 §1 by being inefficient, unequal and inadequate. And Dietz also found that the school funding system did not violate Article 8 §1(a). And how he found that is beyond comprehension. That Article says: “Taxation shall be equal and uniform.” Oh, how is any “ad valorem property tax” equal and uniform when it is based upon the value of each property that no human being has authority to set for another human being? This so-called “tax” is not a tax at all, but a rent set by the state. If the rent is not paid, the tenant is evicted by another tenant with more money to pay the rent. The property must be confiscated by the state prior to imposing the so-called “ad valorem property tax.” Otherwise, how could the state and its subdivisions place a lien on the property for the payment of a “tax” or more precisely the rent? One must have some claim upon the property to lien it. The state has confiscated all the property from the people without compensation.

Article 8 §1-e says: “ABOLITION OF AD VALOREM PROPERTY TAXES.  No State ad valorem taxes shall be levied upon any property within this State.” Now you think that would be pretty clear right! Well your Texas Legislature doesn’t understand it and neither does your Texas Governor or Supreme Court. In regard to the above Article all three branches of Texas government think that every subdivision of the State of Texas is not the State of Texas when it comes to imposing an “ad valorem property tax.” But if you sue one of the subdivisions of the State of Texas, all three branches of government claim that every subdivision of the State of Texas is the State of Texas as so stated under the Civil Practice & Remedy Code 101.001(3)(A)(B). They do this because the State of Texas claims to have sovereign immunity to harm you and your property with or without intent without judicial recourse unless waived by statute (Texas Tort Claims Act of 1969) or by congressional resolution prior to filing suit. Don’t ask yourself where the State of Texas got that Sovereign Immunity to harm you, because no lawyer has been able to find it. I will tell you. The Supreme Court simply declared it without a single citation of authority of any kind and overturned the Texas Bill of Rights with one stroke. Learn about that judicial scam at   

So, all subdivisions of the State of Texas have sovereign immunity to harm you without judicial recourse and are thereby protected from suit but all these same subdivisions are free to impose “ad valorem property taxes” as if they were some other entity unconnected to the State of Texas. It is a complete criminal government scam of Biblical proportions to plunder the property of the people of Texas and enslave them.

This scam permits school districts to impose an “ad valorem property tax” on your property in Texas under Article 7 §3(e) “the Legislature may authorize an additional ad valorem tax to be levied and collected within all school districts for the further maintenance of public free schools, and for the erection and equipment of school buildings therein;” Don’t ask yourself where the State Legislature got the authority to authorize its subdivisions with an authority that has been clearly and emphatically denied it by the people of Texas in 1968 under Article 8 §1-e. Just ignore that! Those are judicial decisions that are far beyond the ordinary little minds of the working slave class. These types of questions are best left to judges, lawyers, and bankers who deserve 4 and 5 hundred dollars an hour each to contemplate.

The sole purpose of government is to protect property. People do not transfer their property over to government when they form it. They merely authorize government to protect their property. The means of paying for government cannot be the means for the destruction of the purpose of government. That would be absurd and counter to the purpose of creating government to start with. Therefore, the principle of lawful taxation must be that no tax can harm or threaten to harm or take away, transfer, destroy or convert the property of any individual. It is time for the Supreme Court of Texas to finally find that all “ad valorem, or otherwise, Property Taxes” in Texas are unlawful and unconstitutional and counter to the purpose of lawful government.


Ron Avery is a semi-retired architect, author and speaker on topics regarding Christian theology and the principles of property that regulate every aspect of lawful government. Reply to: