Just more Injustice of the UnAmerican and Unlawful Ad Valorem Property Tax in Texas and the United States:

Update: 2/11/2016 Good Samaritan or demon pays property tax for one man in Bexar County. See end of this story with link.

Thousands may lose their homes due to oversight of the Bexar County Appraisal District:



Raymond Sanchez bought a home from and elderly man about 20 years ago and had paid all his unlawful ad valorem property taxes that he was billed for. Then the unlawful ad valorem property tax office discovered he was not paying all the rent he should to the state. The elderly man had a "over 65 homestead exemption" that was never removed when Sanchez bought the house. So the "property tax office" believes Sanchez should pay 20 years of back payments. But the unlawful "property tax" code will only allow the County to impose five years of back taxes.


But not only is Sanchez required to pay back taxes but back taxes with interest. According to the so-called "property tax office" Sanchez should be paying $2,900 in annual state rent instead of the $650 he had been billed for. So he owes an additional $13,000. He can't pay it so he has to get a loan from the state to pay his state rent for the home he owns. The terms of the loan result in a $450 per month payment that includes $115 in interest derived from a 1% delinquent penalty for the first month which increases 1% for each month after that up to 12% for the year. After 12 months Sanchez will be paying 24% on his state loan to pay an unAmerican, unlawful, unconstitutional "property tax."


The so-called news media treats this story as one of an injustice to a person who paid what he was billed and then later penalized for error made by the "tax office." This is not the real story at all. The real story is that no one in the United States of America should be paying any state in the union an annual rent to live in and on their own property. People are to own property with an allodial title superior to all including the state that cannot be aliened and foreclosed upon for the failure to pay anything to the state for anything. America was formed for two purpose according to Thomas Jefferson (3rd President and drafter of the Declaration of Independence), John Adams (2nd President) and Samuel Adams (Father of the American Revolution), namely, to be secure from religious persecution and the feudal land system. Ad valorem taxation is a misnomer. It is not a tax at all but the confiscation of property from people who own it by the state which cannot own it.


The Texas Property Tax Code is the perversion of law to make plunder and theft of property lawful and the lawful protection of property illegal. Instead of Sanchez paying an additional $450 per month in state rent to live in his home, the state should reimburse him $13,000 with additional interest.


Please see video about Plaintiff's Petition for Review for a full explanation of why ad valorem property taxes are unlawful in Texas at www.SueIT.org then to read Plaintiff's Petition for Review click on the link in the middle to "Avery's Appeal to the 25th State District Court." The SueIT website has all kinds of information about unlawful ad valorem property taxes.


An anonymous donor "good Samaritan" stepped up and paid the Bexar County tax office close to $10,000 to cover the amount the tax office said Roland Sanchez owed so that he won't lose his home he has lived in for over 20 years paying all "ad valorem property tax" the tax office billed him for over that period. http://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/good-samaritan-offers-thousands-of-dollars-to-keep-sa-man-from-losing-his-home


The question comes up in my mind as to the motive an anonymous donor would have in paying off the County Tax office. Was it truly a "good Samaritan" to prevent eviction of Roland Sanchez from his home by the County Tax office or was it a demon to prevent and public outcry and demand that the "State of Texas" finally do the will of the people and abolish ad valorem property taxes under Article 8 Section 1-e that are unAmerican? The earlier report about Sanchez said thousands of people in Bexar County had been discovered to be taking advantage of an "over-65 homestead exemption" that should have been cancelled. The tax office will still pursue all those others who will no longer be covered by the news. Many may lose their homes and no one will hear about those others, unless, of course, News 4 covers the many thousands from now on, which I strongly doubt. Once again potential public backlash to unlawful ad valorem property taxes has been put to sleep by some "good Samaritan." Maybe a collection was raised from the "Lt Governor's Select Committee on Property Tax Reform?"