Kirk v Comal Co. Appraisal Dist.


KIRK'S Appraisal Review Board Filings:

  1. Tax Statement
  2. Comparable CAD documents
  3. CAD Order Determining Value
  4. CAD Notice of Appraised Value Bunker Fireworks
  5. Kirk Open Records Request Bunker Fireworks
  6. CAD Notice of Appraised Value Final Order


  7. Kirk Petition for Review
  8. CAD Answer
  9. Kirk Request for Admissions
  10. Kirk Motion for Summary Judgment Revision
  11. Kirk SJ Motion Exhibits
  12. Kirk Open Records Requist to AG Ken Paxton
  13. Kirk Coercion Complaint on ARB Chairman
  14. CAD letter to AG Request Exception
  15. AG Ken Paxton Opinion
  16. CAD First Set of Interrogatories
  17. Comal CAD Request For Inspection
  18. Kirk provides Architects Property Analysis in lieu of CAD inspection
  19. CAD Motion to Compel (MTC) Inspection
  20. CAD Notice of Hearing on Motion to Compel Inspection
  21. Court Record of Hearing on MTC Inspection
  22. Comal CAD-Unilaterial-Inspection-Negotiations
  23. Judge Signs Court Order Month Late & permitting videos ruled out in hearing
  24. Comal CAD Second Motion To Compel Inspection & Contempt & Sanctions
  25. Plaintiff's 1st Request for Production & Inspection
  26. Plaintiff's 1st Set of Interogatories
  27. Plaintiff's 1st Request for Disclosures
  28. Defendant's Response to 1st Set of Interrogatories
  29. Defendant's Response to Requests for Disclosure
  30. Last minute Defendant's Amended Motion to Compel Inspection & Sanctions w/ Attorney Fees
  31. Last minute Defendant's verification of their Amended 2nd Motion to Compel Inspection and Sanctions
  32. Transcript of Defendant's Second Motion to Compel Inspection & For Sanctions
  33. Judge's Order finding Kirk in Contempt imposing sanctions and compelling Inspection
  34. Defendant sets property value for 2019 much lower than their court claim for 2018
  35. Kirk's Offer to Settle in light of Defendant setting 2019 value less than the 2018 Contested herein.
  36. Kirk pays court for Contempt
  37. Kirk's Motion to Compel, Sanction, Abatement
  38. Comal CAD Rule 13 threat
  39. CAD letter to Kirk
  40. Kirk letter to CAD
  41. CAD's 2nd Letter to Kirk
  42. CAD response to Kirk Motion to Instruct Compliance to TRCP
  43. CAD Motion to Extend Level 3 Discovery
  44. CAD Response to Kirk Motion to Comply with TRCP & Sanctions & CAD Rule 13 Motion
  45. CAD Notice of Hearing on Rule 13 & Level 3 Discovery Dates & Strike Pleadings Motion