1. pdf Chart showing 7 year Property Tax History (Feudal Rent) on Doug Kirk's Property
  2. jpg Chart showing 7 year Property Tax History on Doug Kirk's Property
  3. Introduction to Court Record on Motion to Compel Inspection in Bulverde Standard
  4. Summary of Hearing on CCAD's Motion to Compel Inspection
  5. Bulverde Standard prints court record of Motion To Compel Inspection
  6. Kirk's summary of the 2nd Motion to compel Inspection and impose sanctions
  7. Doug's notes used in court hearing on 2nd Motion to Compel finding him in contempt
  8. Amazing Admission of Defendant may settle the case in Kirk's favor
  9. Defendant's Unattainable & Unreasonable Burden to Prevail in Court
  10. Picture of Defendant's Unattainable Burden Chart
  11. Kirk's Reasonable Solution