Join Our Effort to Conform Texas Public Education & Taxation to the Texas Constitution
Join Advocates of Lawful Public Education and Taxation so that we can have equal, efficient, and suitable education under Article 7 Section 1 and pay for it by a means that is equal and uniform under Article 8 Section 1(a) instead of property taxes in violation of Article 8 Section 1-e. Without citizens involved, the government will not correct itself because they live well on the violations of the law. But citizens are not permitted to sue the state to correct the Public Education System or means of taxation in violation of Article 1 Section 13. That is proven by my suit on the left hand menu.

But you can join Advocates Of Lawful Public Education and Taxation (AOLPET) and together we can Stop Unlawful Education and Taxation In Texas for all students and their parents.

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This email form submission goes to Ron Avery and he does not share them with anyone or sell them. He builds an email list to send out important notices about what is happening and what you can do to help obtain lawful public education and the means to pay for it. There are those who believe we need to abolish ad valorem property taxes in Texas. They are already abolished by law under Article 8 Section 1-e. The problem is getting the government in Texas to conform to the law. Making another law to abolish a tax that is already abolished is absurd.