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Unconstitutional Means of Funding State Public Education in Texas




The above chart shows how over 50% of funding is provided to State Public Schools amounting to $106.8 billion in needless debt unlawfully backed by your property.


The banks that benefit from this system are:

·        Bank of America

·        Bear Stearns

·        Citigroup

·        Goldman Sachs

·        J. P. Morgan

·        Lehman Brothers (until they were sacrificed)

·        Merrill Lynch

·        Morgan Stanley

·        RBC Dain Rauscher 

·        UBS



The Attributes of this Present Unconstitutional System are:

1.    It confiscated the property of the people by the State and threatens to sell it to others if the ad valorem property tax is not paid. This is contrary to the sole purpose of government which is to protect the property of the people rather than confiscate it and demand an annual rent to retain and possess it;

2.    It guarantees the private banking system and private financial companies a safe loan program back by the force of the State to use police powers against those who do not pay the ad valorem property taxes. Private Banks and financial companies no longer have to compete in a world of risk as other business people;

3.    It unlawfully creates a market that private banks and financial companies would not have otherwise;

4.    It empowers bankers with more power to hold over the head of the State and the people in order to continue to receive endless interest payments.

5.    Bankers are more powerful than the people of Texas under this system;

6.    It creates unlawful debt that the people and the State and School Districts should not have;

7.    It is inefficient in violation of Article 7 Section 1 in that the 1243 State School Districts design their own manner of teaching and design and build their own facilities with borrowed money in which to teach the State Curriculum;

8.    It is inefficient because property wealth and ad valorem property taxation varies between communities by nature and it is impossible to equalize between districts no matter what is done. 44 years of repeated attempts and many trips to court proves it. And this manner of providing State Public Education was known to be inefficient and is the very reason for Article 7 Section 1 in order to avoid inadequate, unequal and inefficient Public Education.

9.    It alters the relationship of people to their government and their property. The State works for the banks and the people work for the State which owns the property including the people;

10.                       The State Public Education curriculum becomes unconstitutional by teaching unlawful doctrines that support State confiscation of the property owned by the students and their parents and makes them global slaves without property in violation of the laws of Texas.


Constitutional Means of Funding 100% of State Public Education Costs in Texas



The Chart above shows the correct and constitutionally mandated means for the State of Texas to provide an equal and efficient diffusion of knowledge that preserves the liberties and rights of the people of Texas to every student in Texas.


The Attributes of this Constitutionally Mandated System are:

1.    The people once again become the owners of their property and need not pay the “government” any annual rent to retain, possess and develop their own property;

2.    The State actually protects the property of the people (its sole function) from encroachment by, neighbors and community, foreigners and the government;

3.    The people can protect their property because all people instantly know when they have been charged an unlawful, unconstitutional, tax by the government. If it is an ad valorem property tax, it is unconstitutional and they can complain instantly with confidence. There is no need to wait for a State School District to sue the State, without lawful standing, to receive no relief and no return of unlawful taxation while the crime continues unabated;

4.    The State works for the people rather than the people working for the State and the Banks work in private enterprise like the rest of us and have no power over the State to coerce the people;

5.    The private banks and financial companies are placed upon the same equal footing as other businesses in the State of Texas, they must take risks and rely on their own knowledge rather than rest on the police power of the State to provide their market and guarantee their loans;

6.    It stops the needless debt unconstitutionally imposed upon our property and returns the property to each individual citizen of Texas;

7.    All people pay the same tax for public education via a Statewide sales tax or some other form equal and uniform tax as required of the State under Article 8 Section 1(a);

8.    All students in Texas get the exact same amount of money directly from the State to their local State School District;

9.    The People are restored to the place of power over the State they created for the protection of their property and bankers are forced to look for markets and compete in the real world like the rest of us;

10.                       The State then can actually teach the students a constitutional curriculum consisting of the knowledge that will preserve their freedoms and liberties (protection of their property) without revealing how the State is harming them rather than protecting them.