Videos about Avery's Property Tax Protest and Appeal:

Video Summary of Case and Proof of Why Property Taxes are Unlawful in every state of the union:

Avery exposes how Weaponized Media prevents the people from learning that ad valorem property tax is unlawful in every state of the Union and prevents their knowledge of a movement of people against it at the Capitol in Austin thus preventing the mobilization of the people against feudalism.

Avery's 4th of July presentation on the Unlawful Feudal Ad Valorem Property Taxes in Texas and every other state in the Union and the upcoming Special Session starting Tuesday July 18, 2017.

See the latest on Avery's appeal to the 4th Court of Appeals in San Antonio and why the State of Texas cannot obtain lawful authority to impose an "ad valorem property tax" AKA the Feudal System:

See a reading of my Petition for Review of the ARB Hearing in District Court in the video below. You may also see the document Avery reads from at avery-vs-appraisal-dist.pdf:

The Guadalupe Appraisal Review Board did not rule on three other grounds I presented at the first hearing so they granted me another hearing on all three pieces of property I own which the state thinks it leases to me. Don't miss this upcoming ARB Hearing. Click below to be notified when it starts and stops:

Watch the live stream of Avery presenting his evidence before the Appraisal Review Board in Guadalupe County, Texas showing that no state in the union may alien the unalienable property of the people held by them with superior allodial title and make them pay feudal fees to the state also known as ad valorem property taxes. This has already taken place and is archived below:

In Addition:

See the videos below for background information on the unlawfulness of ad valorem property taxes in America!
You may go to this link to see any live streams and their archives of events and presentations regarding the unlawful nature of property taxes and why that is true. Also any demonstrations and rallies will be covered on that channel to stop the insane increase in appraised values and tax rates in violation of Article 8 Section 1-e at: