1. May 2, 2017: San Antonio "Property Taxes" soar but people remain ignorant of their serfdom.
  2. More abuse of unlawful ad valorem Property Taxation w/ strange update!
  3. Watch all Senate Hearings held on Property Tax Reform which all sound like your property will not be given back to you anytime soon. They just don't get it. They don't understand the problem and as a result cannot fix it. Even the people don't understand it.
  4. Texas Supreme Court, Lt Gov, & Senate keep the Property Tax Scam Alive
  5. Hearing Highlights on Defendant's 3 Motions
  6. Lt Governor Patrick treats government as catastrophe
  7. Texas Vassal Rights: "Texas Property Taxpayer Rights" followed by the "Correct Common Law Interpretation" of same by Four of the Main Founders of the United States of America and the several states thereof.
  8. Power Point Show on why Ad Valorem Property Taxes are Unlawful in America.
  9. Senator Brandon Creighton Requests Governor Abbot to Call for Special Session on "Property Tax Reform"
  10. Abbott Calls for Special Session
  11. Avery's letter to Governor Abbott about Special Session & "Property Tax Reform."
  12. Summary of whole lawsuit and how "Property Tax" is Repugnant to Common Law of Texas.
  13. Invitation to Public Access TV show on why you don't owe property tax
  14. Special Session Brochure for Congressmen
  15. Supreme Court Denies Avery's Petition for Review as Avery expected.
  16. Protest Agenda for Opening Day of Special Session on "Property Tax Reform"
  17. Expanded Property Tax Abolition Strategy for 30 days Revision 1
  18. A Model Bill for Abolition of all Ad Valorem Property Taxes
  19. Senate Hearing on Ad Valorem Property Tax Reform Act of 2017
  20. Video of Avery's Testimony at Senate Hearing on ad valorem property tax reform SB-1, SB-96.
  21. Avery's open letter to Governor Abbott
  22. Email to Texas Gov, Lt Gov, Senators & Representatives to restore lawful government
  23. Supreme Court Denies Avery's Motion for Rehearing keeping all Texans Vassals
  24. Property tax protest letter with support to accompany payment of unlawful ad valorem property tax.
  25. The Texas Prosperity Promise promoted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation calls for elimination of most property taxes and substituting a broadbased sales tax.
  26. Summary of Supreme Court Finding that Public Education and its Funding are Constitutional with observations by Avery
  27. How the Texas Supreme Court Justifies Unlawful Public Education and its Funding
  28. Listen to Allen Tharp interview Ron Avery 930 AM And 101.1 FM in San Antonio 3/31/18
  29. Rulings in the Palma Tax Case First Court of Appeals Texas 3/2018
  30. Summary of Avery's Findings to be included in payments of "property taxes."
  31. Avery's letter to Texas
  32. Unlawful Property Tax Protest Letter with payment of same for "tax year" 2020.
  33. Unlawful Property Tax Protest Letter with payment tax year 2021