Exhibit A

Affidavit of Ronald F. Avery

BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this date personally appeared the undersigned affiant, who being by me duly sworn, on oath stated,


I am over the age of 21 years of age and of sound mind and I am competent to testify to the following as I have personal knowledge of these matters.

After studying the Texas Property Tax Code, I could not find an administrative remedy for the complaints I had against Tavie Murphy, the Guadalupe County Tax Assessor and Collector and the Guadalupe County Tax Office, therefore, I proceeded to file my claims directly in the State District Court.

I warned Tavie Murphy, individually, about charging me and collecting from me an unauthorized state ad valorem property tax but she and her office did it anyway. Neither she nor the Guadalupe County Tax Office has an official capacity or authority to evaluate, assess, charge and collect a state ad valorem property tax.

I am a citizen of the State of Texas under the present Texas State Constitution of 1876 and I assert all of my constitutional protections and no one has a right without my written permission to place a lien on my land and buildings and no number of people can snatch that power away from me by entering a voting booth. I am not a citizen of any other state or nation and the state of Texas is not sovereign over me as I am the creator of it by contract and can unmake it under Article 1 Section 2 of said constitution.


FURTHER, affiant sayeth not,



Ronald F. Avery


SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED before me on this the ____ day of __________, 2007.





My Commission Expires: ________________



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