Ronald F. Avery

1955 Mt. Vernon

Seguin, Texas 78155



October 25, 2007



7007 0710 0004 8478 4252

Via fax & certified mail:


Mr. Blake A. Hawthorne

Clerk of the Court

Supreme Court of Texas

201 West 14th Street Room 104

Austin, Texas 78711-2248

Fax:††††† 512/463-1365


Re:†††††† Petition for Review: Ronald F. Avery v. Ms. Tavie Murphy, Guadalupe Co. Tax Office, and Seguin Independent School District


Dear Mr. Hawthorne,


I am the Petitioner in said Petition for Review and just received a letter from Ricardo Lopez this morning requesting a waiver of response on behalf of the Seguin Independent School District (SISD) to my Petition for Review. I wish to object to the SISD characterization of the said Petition. This referenced Petition shows that the Supreme Court of Texas has jurisdiction to reverse the lower courts as it involves constitutional questions namely, Sections 13 and 17 of Article 1. The lower courts did indeed dismiss my lawsuit based on jurisdictional matters which were in violation of the strict and clear reading of the said Articles of the Constitution of Texas. No court or Respondent has been able to show the Petitioner a Constitutional amendment that would permit the courts of Texas to be closed against the guarantee of them to be open in Article 1 Section 13. Acts, statutes, codes and regulations created by the Legislature cannot close the courts of Texas in violation of Article 1 Section 13. Neither, can the Judiciary at any level adopt case law or any said acts, statutes, codes and regulations to close the courts in violation of Article 1 Section 13.


Therefore, it is the Respondents who are in want of a meritorious defense to the allegations and constitutional law plead by the Petitioner and wish to make the Petitioner look trivial and frivolous without proving it. If the Respondents wish to waive a response to the Petition it is more because they are in want of a sound defense rather than their desire to preserve public resources. Therefore, I would like this letter to be added to the Courtís review of the Districtís waiver of Response letter prior to any decision on the request for waiver.


This letter has been served on all the Respondents via Facsimile at the following numbers and has been sent to the Supreme Court via Certified Mail.




Ronald F. Avery


Pro Se





Respondent Murphy & GCTO:


McCleary, Veselka, Bragg

& Allen, P.C.

700 Jeffrey Way (Suite 100)

Round Rock, Texas 78664-2425

Attn:Matthew Tepper

Kirk Swinney


Fax †† 512/323-3294


Respondent SISD:


Feldman & Rogers, L.L.P.

517 Soledad Street

San Antonio, Texas 78205-1508

Attn:Ricardo R. Lopez


Fax††† 210/406-4114