Work on a Local Bond Election:

  1. Tabloid used in SISD Bond Issue

    Texas House Hearing on Abolishing Property Taxes:

  2. News 5/3/12 Texas Considers Stopping Property Taxes

    Public Rally, Awareness and Events for Lawful Public Education & Funding:

  3. 10/22/12 tri-fold Rally Flier
  4. Rally Details
  5. American Free Press enterviews Avery 9/24/12
  6. Subdivisions cannot have more power than the Whole.
  7. Unlawful Funding v. Lawful Funding Diagrams
  8. 4 page funding comparison flier
  9. Six Rally Signs
  10. One Page Rally Explanation - Black & White
  11. Rally Summary
  12. Bankers Behind More Unlawful Taxation
  13. See example of property tax payment protest letter here.
  14. See letter to Hunter-Kelsey a company that lends money to pay unconstitutional taxes thereby obtaining unlawful liens to secure the loans.
  15. New So-Called "Select Committee on Property Tax Reform" go to public hearings

    Texas Judge Finds Property Taxes for support of Public Education Unconstitutional Again:

  16. Judge John K. Dietz rules School Finance Unconstitutional Again
  17. Dietz rules School Finance Unconstitutional - DUH!

    Avery files Petition to Contest Seguin ISD Bond Election held on Nov. 5, 2013:

  18. Plaintiff's Original Petition in Election Contest

    Continued Property Tax News:

  19. "Property Tax Revolt Brewing 2014" Texas Public Policy Foundation
  20. Avery's Response to TPPF's video on property tax revolt
  21. Pursuit of Freedom interviews Ron Avery in October of 2014.
  22. Press Release on Passage of Texas SB 1760 Tax Relief Scam.
  23. Response to Passage of SB 1760 Tax Relief Scam
  24. Avery's response to Senator Creighton's Property Tax Reform & Lasting Reductions.
  25. The Hype on so-called "PROPERTY TAX REFORM" just keeps coming!
  26. Austinites not aggressive enough to demand end of unlawful property taxes
  27. Find out more about Austinites for Tax Reform Screw reform! We need an end to unlawful property taxes! Everything short of abolishion is waste of time.
  28. The Hype and Bull about Property Tax Reform Continues
  29. See the above Article at the Houston Chronicle
  31. Sample of an ARB Hearing Submission
  32. Appointment of Select Committee on Property Tax Reform
  33. Avery's Petition for Review filed at the 25th State District Court of GCAD rulings that his property can be confiscated and rented back to him.
  34. Why reform and reduce legislative crime when they could JUST STOP IT?
  35. See Raymond Sanchez Story