Boston Tea Party Participants were Terrorists?

If you think that the only problem with public education is its unconstitutional means of funding it, you are sadly mistaken. Students are being taught that our founders were nothing but Christian cannibals, terrorists and slave and women owners. Here is a story on a Texas Legislator that discovered some secret public school curriculum



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  1. Kenneth


    I did not read the entire Avery case but it appears that you “lost” the argument not to have to pay property tax. But I think you may have relied on the STATE OF TEXAS de factor to state your claim for relief. If you are correct, that somewhere the STATE OF TEXAS cannot take property in the form of property tax, could it reside in the Original de jure jurisdictional State Of Texas as it was first presented to the USA in (was it?) 1845. I have recently learned that we need to get a certified copy of the original (first) state constitution and include that with our paperwork to the court to force the current ‘actors’ to show their true “color” of law, and that is the only way to beat them. It appears they ‘got you’ on not being a ‘taxpayer’??? Say what? Unless you do that, you cannot argue against the corporate state officers who uphold the de facto constitution, not our de jure Constitution. We get our “standing under de jure, as they are de facto. So you were trespassing into their jurisdiction. Maybe we can do a class action with the help of the Republic of Texas’ help. Contact ATBrennan at
    Now I knew that the constitution is a Public TRUST, where public officers are the trustees and the People are the beneficiary of that trust. But since we’re dealing with administrative and not common law courts, we need to bring Public (common) law into them, and that’d be best done by filing a CERTIFIED copy of your State Constitution into the case.
    When you’re claiming constitutional rights, you’re claiming a trust, which is FOREIGN to those administrative courts, PLUS when claiming a trust, you gotta PROVE trust. And a certified copy of State Constitution will put that Public trust on the record!
    You can get the national as well as State constitutions from Library of Congress here (click on the ‘Paper Photocopy’ tab):
    Or get them from your secretary of State, who usually has it in the State archives. For California it’s here:

    And I’m talking about the FIRST Constitution in your State, as that is the ONLY one that guarantees republican style of gov’t, as by that constitution, your State was admitted into the Union. All the subsequent constitutions are CORPORATE, i.e. private (special) law of corporate Democracy, and not Public law of the Republic.
    And it seems to me that judges’ oath to uphold the State Constitution ONLY applies to the default corporate Constitution, UNLESS you rebut their presumption by bringing a certified copy of the ORGANIC State Constitution. You see, when you mention a constitution in these courts, it’s presumed to be the corporate one, UNLESS you rebut that by filing a copy of the de jure Constitution.

    And THAT’s how you PROVE the Public TRUST, which is necessary in order to claim protection of Public Law, and to remove yourself from under their corporate Public POLICY.

    Plus, under Rule 44, a certified copy is a PROOF of official record. ( )
    And if they ignore that, one can file a Writ of error and remove the case to a higher court. And of course with filing that Constitution, I’d also claim that the law is unconstitutional, or challenged the territorial jurisdiction of State legislature. A guy once did that successfully when demonstrating near an abortion clinic. They charged him with violation of federal law, but he challenged territorial jurisdiction of Congress by proving that area was land of a State of the Union, and he won.
    Here’s the talkshoe. You can skip the first 20 mins, as that’s mostly music:

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