Boston Tea Party Participants were Terrorists?

If you think that the only problem with public education is its unconstitutional means of funding it, you are sadly mistaken. Students are being taught that our founders were nothing but Christian cannibals, terrorists and slave and women owners. Here is a story on a Texas Legislator that discovered some secret public school curriculum



Property taxes are unfair but needful…oh really?

The following is a response I got from someone after reviewing this website:


And I see we disagree about property tax. The way I see this issue is that we elect our local government and they decide how to pay for public services and buy the commons, for example, roads, parks and fire stations. 

We inherit the commons that former generations of citizens have purchased with taxes. 

I agree property taxes are unfair. 

Here in Washington we pay for our public schools with State funds. 

We pay a County property tax that pays for County government.

Some of our sales tax is a local tax to pay for local government and bus service.

We have lower property tax for seniors over 65 years old.  

You look at property tax as rent on our land.  I look at it as paying for my county government.

If I spend too much on land or a house, I will pay more property tax.”

Ron’s Response:

It is apparent that as long as we have representative government, i.e., we elect our representatives, then these representatives may do what ever they want regarding what and how to do things. Many people believe in “limited government” but very few know by what principle government is limited or even if there are principles that limit government. The truth is that the whole notion of “limited government” came from the principles that limit government. But we stopped talking about the principles and just kept talking about their results. Now we talk as if the result is to be obtained by something other than principle such as democracy. Therefore, most folks think it’s just a good idea to limit government by picking and choosing democratically what to limit. This arbitrary democratic limiting of government results in nothing but war between pirates about what programs get the plunder from the people.

 If my friend here knew the principles of property that regulate every aspect of lawful government from its creation, limits of power, means of funding, and conditions of dissolution, they would know that there are principles of taxation that make them either lawful or unlawful and it has nothing to do with what representatives want to do or fund.

 The sole purpose of government is to protect the property consisting of life, liberty and possessions of every individual within its jurisdiction. Therefore, government functions cannot be paid for by a means that harms, takes, destroys or converts or threatens to do the same to the property of any individual. If it were otherwise, the means for the destruction of government is built into its means of fundin it. This is would be absurd to construct government for the protection of our property and then fund it by a means that plunders and confiscates our property.

 It appears that my friend does not regard the idea of owning property. You cannot own property if you have to pay someone else for it annually. You might be in the process of buying it but you are not the owner. If you finish buying it from the original owner you should be the owner. But this is not true in Texas. The “state of Texas” confiscated all the land and the buildings and the property of the people and they make the people pay them annually to use it and occupy it. This is socialism and statism. The term statism simply means that the state is the owner of all things including the people. America was not founded upon statism. In America and the states thereof, it was understood that the people own the property and they create government for the sole purpose of defending their property against all comers; fellow citizens, as well as federal, state and foreign governments.

 When people create government they do not transfer all their property to the state. They merely delegate their authority to protect their property to the state. All law is simply the combined delegated authority of all the people to protect their individual properties. None of this delegated authority exceeds the authority that a single solitary individual had prior to the creation of the state. The citizen gives up their right to act as their own legislator, judge and executive to whom their authority was delegated, but they do so not without conditions. When these conditions are violated they have recourse via the courts or if not they have full right to resume all their rights they held prior to the creation of government.

 Notice that my friend thinks property taxes are unfair, yet he apparently thinks this can be remedied by buying smaller homes so you may pay less property tax. He is not the only one. There are millions who erroneously think like this. “Property tax” is really a misnomer. It is not a tax at all. It is a confiscation of your property by the state changing the owner into a tenant. Even if the “property tax” or rent was only one penny per million dollar evaluation it would violate the same principle and be unlawful and counter to the purpose of lawful government making it unlawful by definition.